Thursday, 14 December 2017

The time of peace.

It's been 11 years since my Dad passed away from cancer.

I'll never forget the day that he left us.  December 14th, 2006.

After months and months of pain and suffering, it was inevitable that my Dad was not going to survive this horrible disease.  

Not only had the cancer taken away his energy, his muscle tone and his strength.......but it had taken away something worse.  His spirit.  

His last week was spent in the palliative care ward in the hospital and there wasn't a moment that he was left alone.  

We were always with him.  

But in the last few days of his life I had grown numb.

I knew what was happening and I didn't really want to face it, so I had blocked off my own emotions in order to look strong and happy whenever my Dad laid his eyes on me.

We had slept in my Dad's hospital room almost every night for that last week of his life.  

We made beds by putting the lounge chairs together.  Our discomfort was nothing in comparison to what my father had been going through for the last few months, so we didn't complain.  But we also couldn't sleep.

But one night, miraculously, we all fell asleep.  

And I had somehow sunk into the deepest slumber I had ever gone into.  

It took several attempts from a nurse to wake me a couple of hours later. I opened my eyes and looked at her, as she sat quietly staring at me.   She gave me a few seconds to get my bearings straight.

When she saw that I knew where I was and that I was coherent enough to understand what she was going to say, she whispered,

"Your father has passed.  I'm so sorry".

I immediately looked up at the clock in the room.  


I didn't know what to say to say to her.  

I mean, there really is nothing to say when your world suddenly stops.


To this day I wonder why my Dad was taken from us so early.  

He was the healthiest man I knew.  

He played tennis everyday, he was in amazing shape, and his diet consisted mainly of fruits and vegetables.  

And he lived for his family.

I am a girl who believes in fate, and believes that everything happens for a reason.  But a loved one's death is one thing that my heart and mind struggle with all the time.  

I think of my Dad very, very often.  

And even though he has been gone for 11 years, he is still so present in our family.  For just recently I have caught glimpses of him in my sister, my brother, my mom, my aunt and my children.  

And every night when I strip off all the makeup and foundation, I look into the very same eyes that I inherited from my Dad.  An eye-color that my Aunt once described as "not beautiful blue like your Madder's ("mother's") eyes but grey like your Fadder's" :)


Last year, one night close to the day of my Dad's passing, I couldn't get to sleep.  

Of course I couldn' was December 14th. 

I did everything I could to avoid going to bed and being alone with my thoughts.  I watched a movie, I did a load of laundry, and I read my book.  

It was already much later than when I would normally go to bed, so I turned off the light and tried to force myself to sleep.

But I couldn't.  My head was spinning with thoughts of those last hours in the hospital with my Dad. I was feeling so many mixed emotions.  Sadness, anger, frustration......everything was eating me up inside.  

How would I get through the night?

I flipped over in bed once more and did what I try never to do when I can't get to sleep.  I opened my eyes and looked at the time.  

And there, staring back at me, was a time that was permanently engrained in my mind....


My head dropped back down to the pillow, and almost immediately, peace washed over me.

And I instantly fell asleep.


I may never know why my Dad was taken from me so early.  

But I will feel a sense of peace knowing that he is in a better place.

And that he is always watching over me. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Slash, and the cat.

The key to writing a successful blog each week is to follow the parts of a simple story:  exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion.

I try to do this in every single one of my stories for you each week.

You're welcome.

But today I have decided to start with the conclusion and THEN tell you the story. 

I just feel like sometimes it's fun to change things up!  Isn't it???

So here goes.

Here is the concluding picture of my upcoming story.

Yes.  THAT happened.  

I actually met THE one and only Slash from my favorite band of all time, Guns and Roses.

Now let’s back up a bit to the beginning shall we??  The "exposition" if you will.

When this dream-come-true was first born as a very unsuspecting surprise….


September 3rd, 2017  

My birthday. 

The most fabulous day of the year.

The day that the Lord above blessed us with a magical baby.  Ridiculous Baby. 

I was bald, blue-eyed and super chubby.  

Almost exactly like a cherub.  

I was cute, and giggly and happy and……………..wait, I’m getting side-tracked aren’t I?

Where was I??  

Oh yes….on this magical day, I received a text from my incredible Russian friend Marina. 

I would like for you to read this text.

Now please don’t forget the Russian accent when you read it.  Even though there is no need to add a voice to a text.  But please do it anyway.  It will make me happy.

Happy Birtday darling!  You are fabuloussss.  I need to see you soon to give you your gift. XO

There is one thing you should know about Marina.

She is VERY hard-core.  In fact, she could kick anyone’s ass.

There was no messing with this woman.  When she told you that she wanted to see you, you re-arranged your ENTIRE week to see her.  

Now….that all being said……she is also one of my sweetest and most generous friends of all time, and I love her dearly.  So she would NEVER kick MY ass.

But for the rest of you……….she might kick YOUR ass.

A few days later, Marina and I were sitting at my kitchen table enjoying take-out sushi, when she finally said,

“Ok, so now….your present.  Here is a hint.  What is happening on October 29th??"

I sat quietly for a second.


Was I forgetting something big?  Was it her birthday that day??  Was it the anniversary of the first day we met?  Or the first time we professed our friendship to one another??  What was it??

She looked very annoyed with me, and finally yelled in her strong Russian accent. (which is VERY scary ps.)

“Who is your FAVORITE band?????”

It suddenly clicked!

Guns N’ Roses were coming to TORONTO on October 29th

I jumped off of my chair and gasped.

“NO YOU DIDN’T!!????” I screamed at the top of my lungs while looking at her in disbelief.

She started smiling.

“Yes.  I got us tickets to the show.  But that’s not all…..”

Oh my God!!  What else could there be!!???  

I was once again lucky enough to see my favorite band of ALL TIME!  There was NOTHING better than this.

“After the show……….” (she smirked her devious Russian smirk) “……...we’re going backstage to meet Slash.”

And just like that folks, after all these years, my good friend Marina finally kicked my ass.


The day of the concert was an absolute whirlwind.  

I had once again pulled out my staple Guns N’ Roses outfit consisting of super tight and shiny black pants, black boots and a vintage band shirt.

Now, for those of you who might be thinking “who wears a band shirt to that band’s concert??  That’s so lame!”  

Well, to you people I respond with……………”you’re TOTALLY wrong”.

OBVIOUSLY you wear the shirt of that band to SUPPORT them and show them your undying love.  That's just a given.

Please don’t argue with me any further about this topic. I don’t want to discuss it anymore.

Anyways, again……where was I??  I'm all flustered now.

Oh yes, my outfit!!

It was just PERFECT!   Along with my hair and red lips and gold jewellery accents.

As I was getting dressed, I suddenly received a text:

Hey Leokadia.   It’s Slash’s assistant.  Just touching base about tonight.


What was happening here!!???


Did I actually just get a text from Slash’s assistant????

I responded as calmly and appreciably as I could.

And luckily for me,  the texts continued......

And suddenly I felt like the coolest Goddam person in the world!!

And like it sometimes does, my excitement suddenly turned to aloof-ment.  (Wait, is that a word??? Well, if it's not....let's make it one!)

I quickly called my boyfriend and aloof-ly announced,

"So like, no big deal, but I’m texting Slash’s assistant right now."

He started laughing and said, "Haha!  That's AWESOME!!"

Then I texted my sister, best friend, and about 10 other super close friends.  Ya know…..still being super aloof-like.  

Like it was the most normal thing in the world that I was about to meet a rockstar GOD.


Marina and I arrived at her good friend’s house…..the girl who was connecting us with the big man himself.

We sat and drank wine and enjoyed the massive floral display which consisted of 24 red roses……and a plastic gun in the middle of them ;)

Everything was perfect.  

Except for the girl’s kitten.  

Sure it was cute, but a royal pain in the ass!!

She jumped on and climbed up my shiny black pants with her super sharp little kitty claws as I wailed in pain.  The kitten didn’t look frazzled by my screaming at all.  Instead she jumped off of my lap and onto the kitchen counter and rubbed her back against the gun and 2 dozen roses.

I’m one of those people that even if I’m in severe pain, I won’t say a word.  I’ll still smile and pretend like everything is ok.  I somehow have that ability to mask all inner agony.  I know….it’s a gift.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because as this cat was torturing me, I still called it “sweet” and “cute” and “so friendly!” 

Insert eye roll here.

The best was when the cat tried to attack Marina though.  She immediately yelled, “OH NO!!  YOU GET OUT OF HERE CAT!  YOU ARE CRAZY!”

Side note:  Russians do not like cats. 

(I just made that up.)

Anyway, I decided to do some due diligence prior to meeting my hero, and I asked Marina’s friend what Slash was like.

“Oh, he’s super chill.  Very down to earth guy and very sweet.  When he was here the other day we were talking about….”

I rudely interrupted her…..

“I’m sorry, when he was HERE??????”  I yelled.

Marina’s friend laughed, “Oh yeah, he was here hanging out.  He LOVED the kitten.  It was super cute, he was just lying on the couch and the kitten wouldn’t leave him alone!”

Now I was suddenly jealous of this annoying cat. 

“Ok guys” Marina’s friend yelled out (there were about 10 of us in her Toronto condo now) “Time to go!!  Now….one word of advice.  Please don’t get drunk, please don’t puke, and please don’t make a fool of yourself.  I’m representing Slash so we all need to be cool backstage, ok??”

Clearly Marina’s friend didn’t know me that well.

Of COURSE I was cool!! 

My middle name was cool!!!

(Actually it’s Lara, but I bet if my parents knew me better the day that I was born, they’d re-think that middle name….)

We all threw on our coats, put on the last touches to our makeup and walked out of her condo.

And as we went down the 24 flights in the elevator, we all sang Sweet Child O’ Mine at the top of our lungs ;)

………to be continued.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Lawn Wars. The Finale.

I’d like to take you back…...back to a cold and wet afternoon in May. 

That day, I posted a video in which I was VERY frustrated about the state of my lawn.  Do you remember this video??

Of course you do!  You remember EVERYTHING I do!  Because you are all TRUE FANS!!

For the rest of you who do not remember……..…you are dead to me.  Please stop following me immediately.

Anyway, where was I?  

Oh yes!  I was reminding my TRUE FANS of a video I posted at the beginning of May – where I introduced you to LAWN WARS!  A competition that I have every year with my neighbors to compete for the best lawn at the end of the summer.

If you recall, I was slightly nervous during this video, because there were many wet and drizzly days in May, perfect for initial grass fertilization, yet I was behind in my lawn maintenance, and had yet to do this crucial first step in achieving the most beautiful lawn in all the land!

But fast forward to the end of the month, when I posted a blog also entitled LAWN WARS, where I was all caught up.  Phew!

And my lawn was looking good.


And again, for my TRUE fans,  you may recall from that blog post that I was feeling confident!

REALLY confident.  I was certain that I would win!

I was also being heckled daily by my jealous neighbors.   But I refused to let them steer me off track.  

I continued to regularly weed, regularly edge and finally install new solar lamps …….which if you recall, were a tad disco-ballish – but they definitely added the pizzazz and charm that defined a garden that would be owned by the one and only Ridiculous Girl :) 

The heckling continued well into August, as our lawns were flourishing with the very wet and rainy summer that we were blessed to have ;)

But by the end of August, and after a few hot weekends, several neighbors had bowed out of the competition due to their poor maintenance and lack of sprinkling. 


It was now down to the final 2 competitors.  Myself, and my buddy Dylan across the street. 

Dylan would often come over to “talk” while I was working on my lawn.

But I knew all too well that this was just a tactic.  I was 100% sure that he was doing his due diligence and sneaking a peak at what the competition was up to. 

I would not stoop that low.  I REFUSED to go over to his place and “pretend” to look at his lawn.  That was sooooo beneath me.

Instead, I just spied from my bedroom window on a daily basis.

But I have to tell you folks, his lawn was looking good too. A little TOO good.

And once again, I was starting to get a teeny, tiny bit nervous…………..

The big day had FINALLY arrived.

After 4 LONG months of very hard work, we were ready!

We had secured 2 very important judges for the grand finale.

Matt, our buddy from down the street, who is a self-proclaimed lawn-wars champion……. and Cooler Guy. 

Remember Cooler Guy???  From the Lawn Wars blog?  Silly me, OF COURSE you remember Cooler Guy!!

Anyway,  I quickly made a few final touches to my lawn before they came over.

I lightly sprinkled the lawn with water to give it diamond-like finish.   Sort of similar to when I put one more coat of shiny lip gloss on top of my already perfect red pout ;)  It was the PERFECT grand finale!

I then straightened my disco-ball solar lamps and I “pouffed-up” my hostas.

I was READY!!!

Matt and Cooler Guy came over and said hello.  I was VERY impressed with their professionalism.  This was a far-cry from the normally boisterous men who drank in their garages every weekend. 

When they approached me, I noticed that they even had clipboards!  CLIPBOARDS!!!  Can you believe it!?

I ran up to them and shook their hands.  I figured that I should match their professionalism in order to impress them right from the get-go.  

They smiled, said hello and went to work grading my lawn, as I quietly stepped out of their way.

To say I was nervous was an understatement.

In fact, I wish I wore deodorant that day :/  I began flapping my arms behind their backs in order to cool off my sweaty armpits.

I then looked over at Dylan across the street who was standing on his driveway.

I didn't like what I saw.

He looked confident and cool.

Cool as a cucumber in fact. 

He was all relaxed and smiling……..... and I was flapping my arms like a wild Canadian goose :/

The judges whispered amongst themselves as they inspected every single square inch of my lawn,  and then wrote several notes on their clipboard pages.

When it looked like they were done, the judges then said thank you to me and proceeded to Dylan’s house.  I ran behind them.... and then took my place standing next to Dylan.

And for the first time in weeks, I got a chance to see Dylan’s lawn up close.

I thought of the categories that Matt and Cooler Guy were judging us on.  Color of grass, thickness of grass, edging, garden, and curb appeal.

We would probably tie on colour of grass and thickness of grass, but edging.  Crap!!  His edging was GOOD!   I knew I shouldn’t have used a steak knife for my edging!! 

Dylan also had some sweet lawn mower lines.  He did that thing that only the REAL lawners do – he “zig-zagged” his mowing lines!! 

Shit just got real folks.

Who the hell knew that we were incorporating zig zag lines!!??

Now I was REALLY nervous.

I started flapping my arms nervously again.

Cool Dylan looked over at me and said “You ok??”

“Shhh!” I whispered in an angry voice hoping to eavesdrop on Matt and Cooler Guy’s conversations.

And suddenly, the judges turned around.

This was it!!!

The moment of truth!!

"And the WINNER....."  Matt yelled un-necessarily loud (after all, it was just us!?)....."of the 2017 LAWN WARSSSSS COMPETITIONNNNNNNNN ISSSSSSS........."

I was freaking out!!  This was my moment to shine!  After all my hard work and dedication to my beautiful lawn, everything would FINALLY pay off!!!


I took a step forward to accept my................WAIT!......WHAT??????????


Yes folks.  I'm very sad to report that Ridiculous Girl did NOT win the 2017 Lawn Wars competition.


But I guess all is not lost.

I worked VERY hard, and my lawn really did look so incredibly beautiful after all my slaving and hard work all summer.

In the end I was very proud of myself :)

And Dylan really DID deserve that win.

He is clearly the champion.

"So Leo!  Are you in for another competition next year???"  Matt asked as I gave Dylan a congratulatory hug.

I look at Matt and said.....

"Matt, thank you for asking.....but there's NO F'ING WAY!!  You guys can compete!  Next year, I'm letting my lawn go to HAY!......

.......But I'll be relaxed, and happy, and drinking margaritas in my garage!"



Monday, 13 November 2017

Top 20 things you don't know about me ;)

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking, "Hey! Ridiculous Girl!  Remember when you used to do your TOP 20 things we don't know about you?  Remember how funny those were??  Why don't you re-post the first one?  Just in case your new audience has no idea what we're talking about!"

Guys.......that is an EXCELLENT idea!!

And now.......(drum roll please)....... for your reading pleasure..... the very FIRST Top 20 Things you don't know about Ridiculous Girl.  Resurrected from 2013!!  

It's an oldie....but a goodie ;)

Enjoy xo

1.  Once I fell asleep on my arm and I lost the feeling in it.   When I woke up, I saw an arm beside my head and I started screaming.
I thought there was a dead body in bed with me.

2.  I never lose socks in the wash.  Never.  This is something you can't learn.  You must be born with such a talent.

3.  I hate when people have "flip-up" garbage cans under their sink. You can't access your garbage properly.  It's stupid.  I will take my sisters garbage out from underneath her sink and leave it in the middle of her kitchen....just to prove a point.  
I'm pretty badass.

4.  I love slalom water skiing.  I usually sing out loud when I ski.  It's very often a Madonna song.  I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person who can "Vogue" and water ski at the same time.

5.  I have very poor circulation.  My hands and feet are always ice cold.  I sit on my countertop in my bathroom and warm my feet in a sink full of hot water every night.  
I only fell off the counter once.

6.  Everything gives me a headache.  The sun, the wind, the rain, low atmospheric pressure, ragweed, pollen..... I'm what they call "environmentally challenged".   I stay indoors from April 1st to November 30th....depending on if it's snowing or not.
Because snow gives me a headache too. 

7.  I push in my snaggle tooth in hopes that one day it will just magically be aligned with the other teeth.  Unfortunately it hasn't happened yet.  
I'm still hoping though....

8.  Almost all of the ligaments in my left knee are torn.
Hmmm....there's nothing really funny about that one!?  
Kind of sad actually.......sniff......

9.   The lead singer of Our Lady Peace asked me out when I was 23.  I said no because I was in a "long-term" relationship.  I didn't regret that because I knew that my boyfriend Dan and I would be together FOREVER!! xoxoxoxo
We broke up the next month. 

10.  I can't lie.

11.   On long car drives, I must change sunglasses every 1/2 hour otherwise I get a headache from looking through the same lenses. 
Hey....that could be a cool metaphor for life....."Try looking at the world through your Dolce & Gabbana's instead...."

12.  When I laugh really hard, I start to sound like a wild goose. 
Many people have told me that it's actually VERY sexy. 

(no one has ever told me that it's sexy)

(Oh wow....I guess I CAN lie!??)

13.  I only have 60% hearing in my left ear.  I don't know why?  I blame it on Guns N' Roses music.  But I have no regrets.  
Best band EVERRRR!!

14. I love ping pong.  I practised every single night with my Dad after school when I was a kid.  We used to have tournaments at our church.  I will challenge any Catholic-church-attending-Polack.  Or Asian.

15.  I love frogs.  But I don't want to touch them.  I just like to stare at them.  Back in my university years,  I went camping with my boyfriend.  He knew I loved frogs so he caught one and put it in the canoe with us. I started screaming, jumped out of the canoe into swampy waters, and swam back to shore.   
We did NOT have a romantic hotdog bonfire that night  >:(

16.  I have a keen eye for animals at night.  On the way to the cottage, I can spot a fox or a raccoon or a porcupine at the side of the road a mile away.  
I know.  
It's a gift.  

17.  I can't do a somersault.  

18.  I talk to myself all the time. I'll have an entire conversation while unloading the dishwasher.  Once my daughter caught me.  
That was a tough one to explain.

19.  I have a huge flower tattoo on my back.  I cried when I got it.  I asked the tattoo parlour to turn off their heavy metal music and put on meditation sounds instead to calm me down.  I was asked to never come back.

20.  My mom always packed me the same lunch everyday in gradeschool.  Liver pate on carraway rye with Polish mustard.  Who eats liver pate when they're 6 years old???  
This Polack did.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Wing Girl.

In a relationship, it is very important to like your significant other's best friends.  

If you do not, then it's only a matter of time before the bubble that you and your beau are perpetually smooching in eventually bursts.  

Having met Handsome Guy through my cousin, I already knew that he had awesome friends.  I's my family after all.....c'mon!?  They're the best!

So, soon after we started dating, I introduced him to MY girlfriends.  

And one by one, the verdicts came back.   

They loved him :)  

My one coworker is slightly infatuated with him actually.

The other day at work she asked me "Leo, did you dream about your boyfriend last night??"

I stopped typing and looked up at the ceiling to ponder this question.  I finally looked over at her and answered, "No hun. I didn't.  Why??"

She didn't look up from her computer but she smirked. And then she responded coyly,  "I did".

Other than my coworker, all of my friends seem to have a really "healthy" adoration for Handsome Guy ;)

And I think it's safe to say my cousins like me just the same ;) 

But what happens when your relationship starts to grow.... and gets deeper, and then you start to hang out more, and in turn meet friends that you haven't met before?  

Will everyone like us together just the same?  

Or will there be judgement as we are now BOTH becoming an integral part of the "friends" group??

What happens then??


On a night out a few weeks ago, I hung out with Handsome Guy and some of his guy friends that I was just starting to get to know.

They were great.  

Nice, funny and easy to hang out with.

But again, I wondered what they thought of me?

I suddenly felt like I was in grade 5 again.

Were they being nice to me because I was the new girl in town?  

Or did they really think I was cool?

And if they DID think I was cool, was I the type of girl that they would like even if Handsome Guy wasn't around?

It reminded me of that classic episode of Seinfeld when George and Elaine were left alone together without their buffer Jerry.  Without Jerry, George just kept repeating the same question over and over again and Elaine just kept nodding her head in bored approval.

If Handsome Guy wasn't there, what would happen with me and his friends?  

Would I like them?  Would they like me?

Or would we sit there in bored silence like George and Elaine.

Well, it was time to throw on my leather jacket and find out!


Our night out began with a pub, a live band, a few beers, and the gang.  

There was playful banter, lots of jokes and lots of singing along.

Occasionally Handsome Guy would steal a kiss between conversations or squeeze my leg under the table as we chatted with the others.  He was being VERY delicious.   

Well, until.........he had to go to the bathroom.

This I could not understand.  Couldn't he hold it in?  

In grade 5 I would hold in my pee ALL DAY at school!  That's like.....8 hours!!  

NOW I had to be alone with the friends.

The test began.....

As soon as he left, I sat quietly sipping my beer.  

But one by one, his 3 guy friends turned to look at me.

The conversations started off light and easy though. 

"Where do you work?"  "How old are your kids?"  and "Are you enjoying that beer?"

But soon, the conversations got deeper and more interesting.  

It came as a surprise to me that I didn't even notice when Handsome Guy had returned.

And it must have been for a while already, because the guys and I were on our 3rd topic of conversation and totally engaged, and at times, laughing our heads off.

The guys finally stood up and said, "Let's go to another bar!!"  

But instead of looking excited, Handsome Guy made a face like he wasn't sure that he wanted to go to a louder venue.

So one of the guys (very assertively I must add) put his arm around my neck and said, "Well, then we're taking your girl!"

My mouth dropped and my eyes widened as I suddenly found myself being escorted by these wild guys, who were pulling me out of the pub doors.

Handsome Guy laughed but looked slightly shocked at their bold manoeuvre.

I laughed also,  as I got gently nudged towards the front entrance by these 3 men.  But I too, was in complete shock.  

I looked back one last time and mouthed the words to Handsome Guy "I'm being kidnapped!" just as the pub doors closed.


As the cab started driving away I squealed, "You guys are nuts!!  Why did you do that??"

And the one friend calmly said, "Leo. Wherever you go, Brad will follow.  And if he follows, then the rest will come too.  So..... you're kind of like our hostage! And plus, you're awesome!  You need to be our wing girl tonight!".

I didn't like the idea of being a hostage........but wing girl?  Hmmm.....I kind of liked the sound of that.  It had a nice ring to it.....

"But he doesn't even know where we're going!?  How will he find me?? I didn't even bring my cell with me tonight!" I whined.

The friend calmly answered again, "Oh....relax, he'll FIND you.  Trust us."  and then he said to the cabbie, "Turn at the next street buddy!"


The night ended up being ridiculous and...........amazing :)

Hanging out with these guys reminded me of my old high school and university days when I ONLY hung out with boys.  

Boys were easy.  

They're always fun, relaxed and .....drama-free.
(Well, other than the whole hostage thing.  That was actually quite dramatic for me).  

But within half an hour of being alone with these guys, I had totally found my role in the group.  And we laughed together, drank together and danced together.  

I EVEN helped them search for beautiful ladies.   

I worked DAMN hard to be the BEST wing girl that I could possibly be!

And then suddenly......... I felt a hand go across my waist.

I quickly turned around to see Handsome Guy smiling at me.

I squealed, threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him..... in the middle of the dance floor.

And then one of the guys yelled over the music, "See?  I told ya he'd find you!"


A little while later,  Handsome Guy and I left the bar........ and all of the craziness behind.  

As we walked back to his place, hand in hand, I giggled as I replayed my outrageous kidnapping and my hilarious wing girl moments.

"What're you laughing about?" Handsome Guy asked smiling.

"Oh nothing," I said happily.

And we continued walking home.

But in my head, I was already planning my next episode......

 "Where will Wing Girl strike next?  STAY TUNED!!!"