Monday, 19 June 2017

Win Win Win

continued from last blog entry........

As soon as we got outside, he pulled out a pack of Marlboro's.  

Oh you've gotta be kidding me, I thought.   

I mean c'mon!  What girl doesn't have a weakness for sexy Spanish strippers who smoke?  

Say that 10 times fast!

"Do you smoke?"  he asked while putting a cigarette to his sexy Spanish lips. 

"No" I answered smiling.  But I'll gladly watch YOU smoke, I thought.

He asked why I made the trek with my girls to this "joint" and wondered whether I was here for my own stagette.  I laughed pretty loud and told him that my visit here was to celebrate the complete opposite of a stagette.  His smirk and lingering eyes indicated that he must have been very happy to hear that I was very single.

I initially thought that I would have nothing to talk about with this guy, or that he would even be remotely interesting.  Turns out I was wrong.

I had soon learned that he was born and raised in Barcelona Spain, was very close to his family (who still lived there) and was a bit of a wild child who loved motorcycles and skiing.  He had only been in Canada for a couple of years and landed this "job" in order to pay for his engineering degree.

His story seemed a tad cliche and yet I was still intrigued.  I think it was because he spoke with absolutely no arrogance.  In fact, he seemed humble and very appreciative of life. 

He was a very likeable stripper I must say.

"So, do you like this gig?"  I asked.

He blew out his cigarette smoke and laughed and said, "Let's just say that this isn't my future.  But for now, it pays the bills."

We talked for what seemed like an eternity.  I could talk to and stare at this guy for hours I thought.  He seemed to feel the same way.

"Where are you guys going after this?" he asked.

When I told him that we were going dancing, he said very quickly, "I'll meet you there after ok??" and he pulled out his cell phone to take down my number.

"Are you serious?" I laughed.

"Jes I'm serious", he said while he stared at me with his sultry brown eyes.

And after he took my number, we went back inside the club.  And right before he left me to go backstage and I back to my girls, he said, "Don't leave yet ok?  I have a surprise for jou."

When I got back to our table, I just giggled to my BFF and said, "We talked and flirted the whole time.  He's super yummy."

And my BFF casually took a sip of her drink, smiled and said, "I know.  We were outside spying on you the entire time"

My mouth dropped and I burst out laughing.  

But I wasn't really surprised.  

I would expect nothing less from my loving and somewhat protective friends.



It was almost midnight, and we were just about ready to leave when the sexy Spaniard walked back out on stage again.

And then I thought to myself, what's one more show before we leave? ;)

His theme song came on and he jumped off the stage and walked right up to me.  I smiled and blushed as the rest of the girls in the club enviously looked on.  He held out his hand and stood there waiting.

"What are you doing?" I whispered.

"Give me your hand" he said very assertively.

I nervously gave him my hand and stood up.  He walked me to the front of the stage and positioned me right in front of him.  With my 4-inch heels, I stood at 6 feet 2 inches, which must have been his height because we were exactly eye to eye.  He said "You're tall".  I laughed.  I got that comment everywhere I went, I was used to it.

We stared smiling at each other for a brief moment and then he said, "Hang on!"

The next part was a blur.  

All I remember was that one minute I was standing, and then the next minute I was hanging on to him for dear life as he spun me around like a fidget spinner and then flipped me upside down.

I have NO CLUE what happened next, how it ended, or how I made it back to our table in one piece.  

But all I knew was that rush that I just felt, I needed to feel it again.....


By 1am, the girls and I were dancing our little booties off in a super hot and packed night club.  

The universe did not disappoint.  We were all having an insane time.  And everyone had gotten their wishes for the evening.  Amongst the craziness, my BFF ended up having an EPIC dance off in the VIP lounge and my other friend ended up meeting a super cutie who she ended up making out with by the DJ booth ;)  

And just like in the finale of Magic Mike XXL, the song Win Win Win by DJ Khaled came on as we closed the club down at 3am.  And I walked out with my entourage feeling like a goddam rockstar singing at the top of my lungs with my arms up in the air.  

This night could honestly not have gotten any better.

Or could it??

As we made our way towards the lobby my phone ding'd with a new text.

I'm almost there.  Still want to hang out?

I couldn't believe it.  I had half expected the sexy Spaniard to be all talk and not show.  I was very happy that he was a stripper that stayed true to his word. 

I looked out the lobby window when suddenly I realized that I didn't know what kind of car he drove??

But then, I saw it.  

Silver with blacked-out tinted windows.  

A sexy Dodge Challenger pulled up and parked in front of the club.  It HAD to be him.

While my girlfriends gathered their coats and purses, I yelled, "I'll be right back!"  

"Where are you going??" they yelled.  

But I was already gone.  

(I told you I was stubborn. And I also told you that no one could stop me tonight......) 

I ran in my 4 inch heels across the pavement (I have NO CLUE how I didn't fall) and finally got to his car.  For a brief moment I hoped to God it was him and that I wasn't jumping into the car with a stranger!?  I prayed that it was the sexy guy I had met a lengthy 3 hours ago.

I opened the passenger door and saw him lounging in the drivers seat holding his smoke.  He smiled the biggest smile when he saw me, and with his cool Spanish accent he said, "Hey baby...."

That was it.  I was done for.  

Within seconds we were making out like a couple of high school teens while the love song El Perdon by Enrique Iglesias blared on his stereo. 

And just when things couldn't possibly get any hotter, a massive storm hit, and I was trapped.  

With the sexy Spaniard, in his sexy sports car, with the sexy song, all while the sexy storm thundered away.


Once the storm had ended, he asked if he could take me out for a coffee.  I giggled and said, "I'd love to, but I can't leave my friends.  I can't abandon them".

"Let's go ask them then!" he said and jumped out of the car.

"What???"  I yelled as I jumped out of the car and ran after him (Dammit!  Why did I wear such high heels!!)

We got to the door of the lobby and he grabbed my hand and walked me to my girls.  And like a true stripper gentlemen, he asked my BFF permission to take me out for coffee.  

His Spanish accent was so strong that he couldn't pronounce french vanilla. And my BFF couldn't understand what he was saying every time he said he wanted to take me for a "brench banilla".  I sat next to him giggling the entire time, while biting my thumbnail and staring adoringly at his beautiful face.  When he wasn't looking I pointed at him and  mouthed the words to my girlfriends, HOW CUTE IS HE???

But my bestie, in true best friend fashion, crossed her arms and gave the sexy Spaniard a lecture about keeping me safe and bringing me home on time. 

He looked at me and smiled and agreed. 

And off we went!  Me and my sexy Spanish date.


He took me to a cafe, where we got our brench banilla coffees, and then we drove down the street to the Falls.  

Other than the Spanish music from his car which was parked on the sidewalk, everything else was so quiet and serene. 

There was no one there except us.

The Falls were all lit up in pink and blue and purple and the walkways looked so sparkly and shiny because of the rain.  It was all so magical and beautiful.

I leaned against the railing and stared at the rushing water going over the edge.  And just then, he came behind me and started kissing my neck.

"Jou know what we should do??"  he suddenly announced.

I laughed, "What should we do?"

"We should get a picture of us.  Jou remember this night!"  

Who was this guy? I thought.  This sexy Latino was something else!

And he ran over and placed his phone on a cement barrier and set the timer.

He ran back to me and smiled, "We have 10 seconds" he said.

Well I guess 10 seconds was too long, because we couldn't wait.  

And the camera flashed right in the middle of our hot and steamy make out sesh ;) 


As my sexy Spanish night came to an end, and the sun started to rise over the Falls, he finally drove me back to the hotel. 

I did not for a second want this evening to be over, and neither did he, but I knew that all good things must come to an end.

He walked me right to the hotel room door and we took a very long time saying good-bye ;)

It was 6am when I finally crawled into bed.  

My phone buzzed one last time and I checked it with eyes half closed.

Buenas noches bella ;)

I giggled, and went to sleep.


On the way home later that morning, the girls and I couldn't stop talking, despite how tired we all were.

I told them all of the details of my sexy Magico Miguel night, and they squealed and giggled with happiness. 

And one by one, we all went through our most fun (and funniest) moments of our wild night out.  We drank our Starbucks coffees, and laughed hysterically all of the way home, as my Magic Mike playlist blared in the background.

And all I could think of was how incredible that night was.  Not only because of the sexy Spaniard, but also because of my amazing girlfriends .....who put up with all of my crazy antics and went on this wild ride with me.

And just then, my phone dinged with a text.  

It was a picture from him:

I giggled and bit my thumbnail as I stared at my phone.

And just then, my song came on the speakers.

And I thought to myself......after a brutal ending to my marriage, and a horrific 4-year battle in court, and overcoming the absolute impossible, there is no better song that I can think of as my theme song moving forward into the next chapter of my life.

No one EVER plans to get a divorce.  But if you've gone through what I went through, then you damn well better plan yourself a divorce party.  And it better be GOOD!

My divorce party was not only good, but it was exactly what I needed to bring me back to life.  

A wild night that could never be recreated.....but would never be forgotten.

And as the song blared, I got one more text from the sexy Spaniard.  

Please tell me we'll do that again??



ps - Here's Ridiculous Girl's divorce party theme song.  Enjoy :)


Monday, 12 June 2017

El Magico Miguel.

....continued from last entry...

"Ok, EXIT HERE!"  I yelled halfway to our destination.

"Why??  Where are we hun??  There are only shopping centres here!"  my girlfriend complained as she unhappily got forced off the highway.

"Yes, but there's also a MOVIE THEATRE!" I announced.

The girls all look confused.

When we parked, I jumped out of the car and started running to the theatre.

"Go get your snacks and I'll meet you inside!" I yelled as I ran away from them.

Minutes later I saw the girls approaching me, holding ice cream and cold pop.  

I stood at the doors to theatre #9, and greeted them all as they made their way towards me.

"Good job on the cold snacks guys.  You'll need something to cool you down after THIS!"  

And I handed them their tickets to MAGIC MIKE XXL.


I'd love to give you a rundown of what happened to us during that entire movie, but I don't think I can??

It was all a blur!

The movie was so ridiculously hot that I'm pretty confident we were just drooling ice cream the entire 2 hours.  

And that last scene with Channing Tatum and Amber Heard?  Well.....that was probably the SEXIEST scene I have ever watched in my LIFE!  I'm pretty sure that every woman in that theatre was secretly hoping to have been her!  I know I was!

Anyway, that movie had turned us all giddy and silly and WILD!

As we exited the theatre my BFF yelled, "I THINK I STARTED OVULATING DURING THAT MOVIE!!???"

My other girlfriend yelled back, "OMG!  ME TOO!!  What the HELL did that movie do to us???"

And as we walked out the theatre door, my other friend couldn't control herself and grabbed the doorway like a stripper pole and outta nowhere pulled off the sexiest Magic Mike dance move. I didn't even know she had it in her!!??  It's funny how girls weekends pull that stuff out of you, isn't it?? ;)

Anyway, we all fell to the floor and burst out laughing.

NOW we were finally shaken up and ready to party!  

My plan was working juuusssssttt perfectly :)


At the hotel room later that evening, the champagne continued, and I was getting excited for our next event.

I held up my drink (in one of those tiny plastic champagne glasses) and in true Ridiculous Girl fashion, I said to my girls, 

"Ladies.  You ALL know that I'm all about manifesting whatever you want.  So, I ask each of you, what do you want to happen tonight?"

Without a thought, my BFF instantly yelled, "I WANT A DANCE OFF!!!"  

I burst out laughing as memories of my BFF flooded back of her having EPIC dance-off's with friends and strangers during our Toronto clubbing days.

"YES!!  Awesome!!" I laughed.

And one by one each of my girls went through their wishes for the evening.  

It started off as a cute little game until my one friend who had been feeling down about herself over the past year said quietly, "I'm tired of being alone.  I'd love to meet a guy tonight.".

We all went quiet and smiled at her.  

And I thought how interesting it was that such a fun and silly game between girls could bring out sometimes sad and raw feelings in someone that you didn't even know existed there in the first place.  And suddenly, I felt SO grateful for this moment and for this weekend away with my awesome chicks.

"And.....", she continued, "it wouldn't hurt to make out him either."

We all screamed and laughed and cheers'd.

My BFF then looked at me.  "Ok babe.  Your turn."

I looked at my BFF......and then at all of my girlfriends..... and smirked.

"Oh no.  I know THAT look.  Babe, what are you up to??"  she yelled at me.

"What do you mean???" I laughed back innocently, "I'm not up to anything!"

But my BFF knew me better than to believe that.

Even though I truly had NO IDEA what was going to take place that night, there was something stirring inside of me .......and I felt it.  It was an energy in me that could not be contained.  And she knew it too.

She knew that I had been through TOO MUCH in the past 3 years, and I needed to finally let loose and LET GO.  And tonight was the night.

I changed subjects and said, "Ok, ladies.  It's 7:30pm and we have to leave in precisely ONE HOUR.  So get dressed, put on your make up and LET'S GO!!"

"Where are we going for dinner hun?" my one girlfriend asked.  

"Sweetie,"  I answered politely, "We don't have time for dinner.  Show starts at 9pm.  DRINK UP!!"


The cab dropped off us at 9:12pm.  We were late....AGAIN!  But a woman does need time to apply her ruby red lipstick perfectly now doesn't she??

I could already hear the music pumping.

"Hurry hurry!" I yelled, "It's starting!!"

"I'm hungry!" my one friend whined.

"I'll get you a martini with LOTS of olives!" I yelled back.

We made our way down the stairs, across a large foyer and then opened a huge set of double doors.

And there, they were.

Beautiful.....male.......stri........dancers!!!  Yeah, that's it, DANCERS!  

We were escorted, by a very muscular man who was dressed in an outfit that left little to the imagination, to the only table that was left - at the front of the stage.  Lucky us ;)

God love my girls who I'm sure were completely out of their comfort zone (as was I) but  started hollering and screaming the second we walked in.  I was right.  We ALL needed to let loose and let go this weekend.  

Now, just so you know, this is not one of those places that you take seriously.  In fact,  it tends to bring out more laughs than anything. 

BUT, I'll be perfectly honest......these guys were good.   

Their moves were very the words of Ron Burgundy........"compelling, and rich".

With each dancer we got louder and more ridiculous.

I stopped hollering for a second to take a sip of my gin and 7.  I was hot and exhausted!  Hollering was hard work!!  And these guys were keeping the temperature of this place quite toasty with their slick moves and slick bodies.

I went to take another sip of my drink when suddenly my BFF nudged me.  I looked at her and she just smiled and pointed to the stage.

I turned around to see the next dancer.

And for the first time that night,  I became speechless.

I watched this gorgeous man walk across the stage and take his place.  

My eyes were totally transfixed.

He started dancing, and suddenly I wasn't laughing anymore.

This divorce party was getting better and better by the minute!


About 20 minutes later, during the break, the girls and I were drinking and chatting when something VERY unexpected happened.

The gorgeous dancer came out of nowhere, walked right up to our table and knelt down beside me.

"Hi", he said.

(GASP!  Did I detect a Spanish accent???)

I giggled and replied back, "Hi".

And yes, in the SEXIEST Spanish accent he said with a grin, "I came by to introduce myself.  I wanted to know if you would like to go outside and talk for a bit?"

Ummmm.....what was happening here???  Was I still watching the Magic Mike movie??  

"Uhhh....sure." I said smiling.

I stood up slowly, grabbed my purse, and then looked down at my friends who were staring at me with their mouths open.

I giggled and said, "'m going outside to talk with him!?"

My best friend almost spit out her drink and said, "I'm sorry, WHAT???"

I looked back at the girls one last time as I walked away.  I gritted my teeth and widened my eyes as if to say to them, I know! This is CRAZY!??

I turned back towards him and when our eyes locked, I felt that crazy energy that I felt earlier.  He must of felt it too, because he smiled, grabbed my hand and led me towards the double doors.

And as I followed him,  all I could think of was.......

No....I wasn't watching the Magic Mike movie.....I was IN IT!!!

But this was the SPANISH version!  

So it wasn't Magic Mike anymore, it was now "EL MAGICO MIGUEL"!

And something told me that this movie's plot, with all of it's subtitles, was about to get a whole hell of lot more LOCO!

;) be continued.  AGAIN!
Because I can't possibly stop here now can I!??

Monday, 5 June 2017

The divorce.

It was June 2015.

I was frustrated.  

I was going on my third summer in family court, and there was no end in sight.

On our last court date, my ex and I had FINALLY agreed on accomplishing one thing, and that was signing our divorce.  But sadly that didn't mean that our time fighting in the system was over.  It only meant that on paper we were officially done as a couple.  Sure, it was a relief, but was only one of the many issues that needed to be resolved.  And I'm sure it  would still be months before I even got the divorce finalized by the court.

A couple weeks later, on a Saturday afternoon, I sat at my kitchen table going through bill after bill after bill.  By the 5th envelope I sighed out loud and rolled by eyes.  

I stopped to take a sip of my coffee when I noticed an envelope, amongst the others, from the courthouse.

I felt sick to my stomach as I wondered what my ex was taking me to court for now?  Somehow the guy just couldn't leave me alone.

I thought it best to open it and read it as fast as I could.  Sort of like ripping a bandaid off.  Only I had ripped about a thousand off in the last few years and it was really starting to hurt.

But I did just that, and I opened it as quickly as I could.  My eyes sped through the paperwork in lightening speed hoping to process the letter in mere seconds and get the pain over with sooner rather than later.

It took me a total of 10 seconds to realize what the letter was saying.

And then it hit me.  

The courthouse had sent me my official divorce papers.  Something was actually finalized!  Our marriage was OVER.  

I jumped out of my chair.....and started screaming with joy :)


I never understood divorce parties.

I always thought they were tacky and pathetic and disrespectful.

A woman burning her wedding dress while eating a cake shaped like a penis surrounded by her girlfriends all cheering her on to honour a marriage gone sour?  

Well, to me, this just seem like blasphemy.  

Until.....I got divorced.  

And then I realized that those parties, well, they weren't at all celebrating a failed marriage.  

Those parties were actually a celebration of survival.  Goddam survival.

Women and men surviving through cheating  partners and their affairs, years of unfair costly and stressful court dates and lawyers, losing out on any possible income from the family business, child support or spousal support because the ex is suddenly 'bankrupt' and is living under the new significant other.  And not to mention the countless text messages, emails and phone calls every single day in which the ex consistently blames and verbally abuses you because he or she knows very well that THEY are the bad guy and I guess in abusing you, makes THEM feel better. 

So.........if a woman (or man) can go through all of that shit for YEARS and is still standing at the end of it all, hells ya they're throwing a divorce party!

And let me tell ya folks........I could not wait any longer to start planning mine.


I remember the phone calls to my girfriends, in which I announced my divorce and our upcoming divorce party get-away.  I was giddy with excitement.  

Right from the get-go I knew exactly where we were going and what we were going to do but I wasn't ready to share the details with them just yet......

But that didn't stop my gals from making their own suggestions for our weekend.......

"Why don't we do a quiet wine tour where we can just drink and catch up??"

"What about staying local, I might have the kids that weekend....."

"What about dinner and a movie??"

Now......before I tell you how I responded to these normally lovely friends of mine, you must learn a thing about me.  

I am stubborn.

Like......REALLY stubborn.

And even though most times I can be convinced to do something I didn't initially want to do, when it comes to something I'm firm about, no one can convince of anything otherwise.  I one.  

So I smiled at each of my friends and gave them the following their lame suggestions:

"No.  We're not going and doing a stupid wine tour where we're going to talk about our children and our menstrual cycles"

"No, we HAVE to get out of this town.  I will not be in the same city as my ex-husband  for my divorce party.  And as for your kids, you better start looking for a sitter now because shit's about to get real...."

"Dinner and a movie?  DINNER AND A MOVIE??? HELLS TO THE NO.  Don't you ever say 'dinner and a movie' to me again!".

That night, the girls came over for a drink, and I felt it imperative to have a discussion with them.  

I put my hands in prayer position and lifted them slowly under my nose.  I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, opened them again and looked at each of my girlfriends, and very assertively but calmly said.....

"Ladies.  In 2 weeks time, we will be going out of town for the weekend in order to celebrate my divorce.  I NEED this trip. For the last 3 years, I have been fighting and crying and trying to survive, and you have all been by my side every step of the way.....which is why I need you there with me.  But also, in the past 3 years I have watched you all bust your asses taking care of your children, taking care of your husbands and taking care of your homes.  So I think YOU all need this trip too.  We have not done ANYTHING for ourselves.  So, we all need this trip....badly!  And a couple glasses of wine, dinner and a chick-flick will NOT suffice.  So call your husbands, call your ex's, arrange for sitters, and do WHATEVER you need to do, because in 2 weekends we're OUTTA HERE!!  And I promise you........oh I ever promise you........that it is going to be the BEST weekend of our lives".

My girlfriends sat staring at me in silence.

It was finally broken when my BFF said, "I love you....but you are the BOSSIEST event planner I have EVER met!"

We all burst out laughing.


2 weeks later my girlfriends showed up at my doorstep, with overnight bags in hand and a bottle of champagne.

I yelled at them, "YOU'RE LATE!!  We're going to miss the first event of the weekend!!"

My BFF hugged me and marched past me into my kitchen with the bottle.

"First of all," she said, "you need to relax" (she said this to me VERY often - I was used to it), "Second of all,  we need to toast to this weekend first!".

I giggled as I hugged my other 3 girls as they ran past me into the kitchen.

The cork popped, my BFF said a beautiful toast, we yelled CHEERS!!  and then our 5 glasses filled with bubbly clanked perfectly at the exact same time.

We threw all of our over-night bags into the trunk, put on our sunglasses, and jumped into the car.

My one girlfriend said, "What should we listen to??"

I looked back at her and smirked.  I held up a USB thingy and said,

"I've got the music right here ladies,"  I paused for a second and then smiled a very sly smile,  "Actuallyyyyy.......I've sort of got a bit of a THEME that I've planned for us this weekend......"

I plugged in the USB, cranked up the volume and turned around to look at their faces.  I giggled as I waited in anticipation for the music to start.

Suddenly, Ginuwine's PONY came booming through the speakers.

The girls SCREAMED and threw their arms up in the car as we pulled out of the driveway.

Halfway through the song, one of my girls yelled, "Leo! WHAT are you planning for this weekend????"

"OH ladies......just wait.  Just YOU wait........"  I said smirking.

And I looked back out onto the road which was taking us VERY far away from home.

And I knew that we WERE going to have the best weekend of our lives. 

But I had NO IDEA what the universe was actually planning for ME that night........

;) be continued.  


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Monday, 29 May 2017


......continued from last blog.  Don't even GET me started if you haven't read last week's post yet.  Don't turn Ridiculous Girl into ANGRY Girl  >:(  If you HAVE read it...then please enjoy the following :)  


The amazing thing about living next to fabulous neighbours is that they always want to hang out and they always want to have fun.  

The BAD thing about living next to fabulous neighbours, is that they ALWAYS want to hang out and they always want to have fun!

I always dreamed that one day I'd be living in a community where everyone knew my in that 'ol Cheers theme song.  Well, like I always say ....dream it and it will be!  So OBVIOUSLY I manifested it.  Like....DUH!!

I now live on an incredible street filled with fun people who not only know my name, but also care for me like I couldn't even imagine.  Neighbours who watch my home when I'm not around, neighbours who leave cute care packages on my front doorstep and neighbours who participate in ridiculous competitive games with me like LAWN WARS!!


I finally took off my leopard print gardening gloves and succumbed to the pressure.

Even though I wanted so badly to continue working on my lawn, and knew that I only had a few hours this week to truly invest in making it the most beautiful luscious golf-green lawn in ALL THE LAND, I knew that this was one of those moments where I had to just suck it up buttercup and go have a drink with the boys!  

Oh my poor difficult life, you must be thinking!  

But honestly, it kind of was!!  

You must look at me and think WOW, she REALLY has her stuff together!  Based on her Facebook photos, her life looks perfect!

But here's a little secret folks (I say to you in a whisper)'s not real life.

This is where you all go....GASP!!!

I know right???

Just so's you know.......all of the photos that have been posted by yours truly have been carefully and meticulously screened by my editing team which consists of 20 people, 2 stylists, a hair & makeup team and my Feng Shui manger, Linda.  (It used to be Donna but Donna TOTALLY messed up the flow of my bedroom and has thus been demoted to oil essence manager.  We're still not sure what she does all day.... but we're keeping an eye on her.)

ANYWAY, bottom line is that Ridiculous Girl does NOT have it all together.  And when she goes over to have a drink with the boys, then something crucial is not getting done around the laundry......or eating dinner.


The evening started off just lovely.  Just me and the boys and a nice cold beer.

The boys complimented my lawn which I have to say, looked quite stupendous as I admired it from across the street.  The garden looked beautiful.....the grass looked lush....and I eagerly waited for the sun to go down for my new solar lights to finally turn on.

As the night progressed, a couple more joined our group.  And then I knew we were in trouble!  One of the guys rode over on his bike with a cooler in tow (!?) and the other neighbour - well, she ran over barefoot, still in a business suit, and holding a glass of wine.

As cooler guy opened up his selection of drinks and offered me an assortment of beverages, I just laughed and said "NO NO, I'm fine thank you!  I'm heading home soon."

To which the entire group started yelling at me.  I mean, like, verbally ACCOSTING me!  

"LEO!!  You're not going home!  It's only 9pm!!"

It was clear to me that I WASN'T going home.  So I just rolled my eyes and stuck out my empty hand and said "Ok, fine!  Just gimme another beer!"

By 9:45pm, we were laughing and telling stories when suddenly something caught my eyes. 

The sun had finally gone down and there was a strange flashing happening over at my house.

My neighbour cocked his head to the side and said to me, "Leo, what's happening over there??"

I looked over and to my surprise, my beautiful solar lamps which I THOUGHT would give off a serene and gentle yellow glow, were flashing a million miles a minute in all different colours.  

I pouted and looked over to the group and whined,  "MY HOUSE LOOKS LIKE A RAVE!!" 

The group burst out laughing, and with that, one of the guys yelled "TO THE HOT TUB!!!"



I tried.  

I mean, I REALLY tried to say no.

But with every attempt I made to tell the group that I just wanted to go to bed, they just yelled, "LEO!!  LET GO!!!"

And after about 5 attempts, I finally gave up.

And defeated as I was, I went back to my rave.... I mean, my house.....put on my bathing suit, threw on my leopard print bathrobe and slipped on my flip flops.

As I opened the front door, I remembered one last essential item.  And I ran back to the kitchen for.....

RUFFLES CHIPS!  (how GOOD are Ruffles Chips by the way?????)

Anyway, I hadn't eat dinner, so this snack was obviously SUPER important.

I would've grabbed my Heluva Good dip also but I figured that would get messy in the tub  :/

So I closed my front door, Ruffles Chips in hand, and marched over to my neighbour's hot tub.


I had to admit, sitting in a hot tub under the stars after a long day at work was pretty choice.

I know not everyone can afford a hot tub, but if I may quote Ferris Bueller, "if you have the means, I HIGHLY recommend picking one up".  

As the night progressed, and rock music blared, we sat and laughed and had an amazing time.

To which 'cooler guy' suddenly said, "Leo.  Are you having fun??"

I laughed and looked over at him and said, "Yes.  I'm having fun."

"So GIRL!  You NEED to let go sometimes!!"

I couldn't believe what this guy was saying to me!

I yelled back, "Are you kidding me??? It's 11pm on a Tuesday night.  And I'm in a HOT TUB with my neighbours!!!  What MORE do you want from me!"

"I'm just saying.  We had to work SO HARD to convince you to join us tonight.  And you're having a BLAST!!  So next time, just LET GO and say YES right away".

I laughed and said, "Ok ok!" 

And as the night wound up........ I jumped out of the hot tub, said good-bye to my lovely friends and neighbours, threw on my leopard print bathrobe and skipped on back home :)


But that night.....and the WHOLE next week after, I couldn't stop thinking about what cooler guy said.

And I couldn't help but wonder if he was right?

Sure, I had a hard time letting go, but for obvious reasons.  I had responsibilities after all!

I had a house (a rave), I had children (the ravers) and I had solar lamps (glow sticks). 

These things would NOT take care of themselves people!!

So yes, I guess cooler guy was right.

I would not let go in certain situations.........and that was ok.

Because there's only so many things a single mommy can handle when she's got solar lights flashing at her a million miles a minute, a lawn full of weeds, wet Ruffles chips, and a morning wakeup call at 6am.

And if I can be perfectly honest, I kind of love that I'm a girl that does not easily let go.  And I also love that I have responsibilities and a crazy routine that I very rarely deviate from.  


...let me tell you folks.......

......when this Ridiculous Girl FINALLY lets go..........


......let's just say that there's no stopping her.

And in those situations, even her closest friends know to stand back and just let her do her thing.

Because sometimes, just sometimes......when you really NEED to let go........that's when the fun kicks into high gear ;)

Stay tuned for next week's entry.

You do NOT want to miss it ;) xo